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Published on 20 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Votes on U.S. Sovereignty Next Month...How can America not be fighting the WHO?
Valerie Borek, JD, Associate Director, Stand for Health Freedom
StandForHealthFreedom.com, valerie@ StandForHealthFreedom.com

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Covid’s tyranny introduced America (and the world) to an obscure agency under the United Nations – the World Health Organization (WHO) — when it became known that the WHO was influencing the global Plandemic response with more politics… and less science. While COVID has largely disappeared, the WHO talks of a mystery “Disease X” on the horizon, instilling fear (for those that buy into it) to help it preempt its member nations’ health sovereignty. As of today, the U.S. is one of those member nations.

Next month the WHO is expected to vote on a new Pandemic Accord, and amendments to the existing International Health Regulations in a way that preempts national discretion on “pandemic” countermeasures. (They already gutted the definition of pandemic so they can call practically anything a ‘pandemic.’) This violation of sovereignty is written so broadly that, as Frontline Doctor Meryl Nass has warned in a viral video, ANY type of emergency can trigger a WHO global takeover.

While the White House occupant sees no problem giving up American sovereignty to global oligarchs like Bill Gates, some states are starting to rebel. Louisiana, for example, just forbade any WHO preemption in its boundaries. (Worst case: Maybe we all move to

Ms. Borek spoke on the global threat earlier this year at a congressional event hosted by the Sovereignty Coalition. Having defended vaccine informed consent, utility meter choice, and natural birthing rights, Ms. Borek has the experience to lead the grassroots efforts in all aspects of Health Freedom.

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