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Part #1 (Was The Church Built Upon A New Rock or The Rock of Ages) Private

Man Hu Ministries
Published on 23 Sep 2018 / In Film & Animation

Did you know that the model for the church that you and I attend weekly gets its pattern and foundation from the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. In this structure of the Tabernacle there are 3 compartments which is a three in one house of worship. But it's in the middle compartment that teaches us about fellowship with the Father and with each other. It can be easily seen through two pieces of furniture in the middle compartment. The Menorah gives light to illuminate the bread on the table of showbread. These two pieces of furniture reveal to us how we have fellowship with the Father and each other. Jesus said he is the light of the world and he is the bread of life!

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stargazer4653 2 years ago

WOW! Awesome teaching. Thank you Rabbi GARY.

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Therev1989 2 years ago

Great teaching gary looking forward to part two

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