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Part #1 Matthew 5-7 (Finding The Gospels in The Weekly Torah Portions) Private

Man Hu Ministries
Published on 19 Nov 2018 / In Film & Animation

IT’s A YESHIVA!!! Traditionally, the section of Scripture from Matthew chapter 5 verse 1, through Matthew chapter 7 verse 29, has been called "the Sermon on the Mount," due to the physical location of Jesus when He spoke. Unfortunately, this title misses the point of His teaching, Matthew chapter 5 through chapter 7, is actually Jesus’ commentary on how His Disciple are to walk out the Commandments of God. Biblically, if you want a good commentary of the first five Books of the Bible, you don’t have to look any farther, than Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”!
But in the Sermon on The Mount, Jesus wasn’t seeking large numbers for His congregation. In Matthew chapter 5 through 7, Jesus was seeking disciples. Therefore Discipleship is at the very heart of ‘The Sermon on The Mount’.
We’ll see in this series, that Matthew’s Gospel account of ‘The Sermon on The Mount’, is truly written in the traditional ‘Yeshiva’ (Scholarly Bible School for Discipleship) style of the 1st Century Sages.

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