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Part #6 Matthew 5-7 (Finding The Gospels in The Weekly Torah Portions) Private

Published on 07 Jan 2019 / In Film & Animation

(BELOVED, BELIEVE NOT EVERY SPIRIT)! But TRY the spirit to see if it’s of God!) King David tells us that 'The Light' is The Word'! (Ps. 119) Zechariah tells us that 'The Lampstand' with its 72 different parts, is 'The Holy Spirit'! (Zech. 4) To study The Lampstand, is to study The Holy Spirit, and at The Heart of The Spirit, has eternally been, and always will be ‘The Torah’ (1st 5 Books of The Bible)! Learning about the 72 different characteristics of 'The Lampstand' (Holy Spirit), teaches us how to discern between God's Spirit and the counterfeit spirit of the enemy! Therefore, for Jesus' disciples, it's important to know and understand exactly what those 72 characteristics of The Lampstand (Holy Spirit) are, putting them upon The Lampstand, so that men can see our Good Works (His Characteristics) and Glorify our Father in Heaven!

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