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Part #1 Matthew 3-4 (Finding The Gospels in The Weekly Torah Portions)

Man Hu Ministries
Published on 28 Oct 2018 / In Film & Animation

In our last session, we saw that the 1st Torah Portion called ‘B’reshiyt’, layed the foundation of the 1st 2 chapters of the ‘New Testament, ‘Matthew chapter 1 and 2. Therefore, lets continue on with the next Torah Portion beginning in Genesis chapter 7, through Genesis chapter 11. In this Torah Portion, The Book of Genesis introduces us to a new Biblical character named: ‘Noah’, or in Hebrew: ‘Noach’. Just as we’re introduced to ‘Noah’ in this week’s Torah Portion, we’re introduced to a new character in this week’s corresponding Gospel reading of Matthew 3 and 4, by the name, in Hebrew: Yochanon HaMitvil, or John the Baptist. As we’ll see, Matthew 3 and 4, will line up, and have its foundation, in this week’s Torah Portion, ‘Noach’. Just as Noah was a ‘Preacher of Righteousness’ of his day, in Matthew 3 and 4, we find that John the Baptist is also known as a ‘Preacher of Righteousness’!

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