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Published on 03 Dec 2020 / In Film & Animation



That which ‘HAS BEEN’ (LOOKING BACK) is what ‘WILL BE’ (FUTURE),
That which ‘IS DONE’ (PRESENT), is what ‘WILL BE DONE’ (FUTURE),
And there is ‘NOTHING NEW’ under the sun.
Is there anything of which it may be said, "SEE, THIS IS NEW"?
It has ‘ALREADY BEEN’ in ‘ANCIENTTIMES’ before us (PAST).

To The Sages, there is no greater model than ‘Our Father Abraham’. They were even so bold to see Abraham as ‘The Model for All Future Prophets’! Why? Because The LORD spoke through the mouthof The Prophet Isaiah, that ‘Abraham was ROCK OF FOUNDATION’ that all of God’s People were to look to as ‘The Model’ for Kingdom Living! Isaiah said:

(Isaiah 51:1-2a)

"Listen to Me (GOD), you who follow after Righteousness, You who Seek the Lord: ‘LOOK TO THE ROCK’ from which you were hewn, And to the hole of the pit from which you were dug. ‘LOOK TO ABRAHAM YOUR FATHER’!

Therefore, God proclaims through the mouth of The Prophet Isaiah, that Abraham is ‘The Rock of Faith’, and a Biblical ‘Role Model’, being called: ‘Our Father Abraham’ by both Judaism and Christians alike! The term: ‘Father – (Av)’, Scripturally, carries more weight than just a biological father. The Hebrew word for ‘Father’ is: (Av or Avi), can also be considered as: ‘The Beginning' as in: (Being The First or Foundation and/or Model)’. He is seen as the person accredited for discovering ‘Monotheism’ (The Believe In One God)! What was so unique, was that he discovered ‘The OneTrue God’, in the city of ‘Ur in Babylon’, a land where everyone worshipped many, many gods! But even in that pagan environment of ‘Polytheism’ (The Belief In Many gods), Abraham was able to Hear and Embrace ‘The One True God’ (Monotheism)! There’s a funny story in the Midrash (Ancient Commentary), that describes how Abraham broke the news about his new found faith in ‘The One True God’ to his father, Terah, who by the way, own his own ‘Idol-Making Shop’, whereby he ‘Crafted and Sold Idols’! The story goes like this:

(Midrash, Genesis Rabbah 38:8)

"Abram’s father, Terah, was an ‘Idol-Maker’.On one occasion, he was embarking on a journey so he left young Abram to mind the idol shop in his absence. When a customer came to purchase an idol. Abram asked him, “How old are you?” The customer would answer that he was fifty or sixty years old. “Woe to this man!” Abram would cry: “He is sixty years old, and should use all those years of wisdom, yet he wants to prostrate himself before an idol which is only one-day old.” The customer would leave in shame.”

Once a woman entered the idol shop carrying a bowl of flour as a gift to the gods. “Take the flour and offer it before these idols in your shop for me,” she told Abram. But Abram took a ‘Stick and Smashed’ all the idols except ‘The Biggest’ one sitting in the corner. He then placed the Stick in the hand of the big unbroken idol.

When Abram’s father returned, he asked, “Who Smashed the idols?” Abram replied: “Why should I try to conceal the truth from you? A woman entered the shop with a bowl of flour, and told me to offer it to our idols. So I did as she asked, I placed the flour before them. But then all of a sudden, the idols began to argue, one said: “I will eat first. ”Then another one said, “I will eat it first.” Then ‘The Biggest’ one took a Stick and Smashed the other idols, then consuming the flour! “Why are you lying to me!” Terah demanded. “Do these empty pieces of stone and wood have life and intelligence?” Abram replied to his father, “LET YOUR EARS HEAR WHAT YOUR MOUTH IS SAYING! THEY ARE ONLY STONE AND WOOD, THEY CAN NEITHER TALK OR HEAR. BUT I HAVE FOUND THE ONE TRUE GOD OVER ALL THAT EVEN ANSWERS WHEN I CALL"!

Therefore, being the First to Hear and Embrace ‘The One True God’, It was commonly believed among the Jewish Scholars and Torah Teachers, that Abraham had been granted a ‘Prophetic Vision’ of the ‘Coming Days of Messiah’, and was given the title: ‘ABRAHAM THE PROPHET, THE ONE WHO CAN SEE’! Even our Savior Jesus, echoed this same teaching in The Gospel of John:

(John 8:56)

“Your father Abraham rejoiced ‘TO SEE’ My (JESUS’) day, and ‘HE SAW IT’ and was glad."

There exists no other narrative from Scripture so often read, recited and prayed over as Genesis 22, and the story of the Binding of Isaac on Mount Moriah. This is why this event is known in Hebrew as The ‘AKEIDAH’ הָעֲקֵידָה (THE BINDING). Few chapters in the Bible have had a more lasting influence onthe lives and souls of all men than the AkeIdah. In Part 3# of this Video Series, we will focus our attention on Abraham and ‘HIS PROPHETIC VISION HE SAW ON MOUNT MORIAH’ and the Prophetic Future Aftermath of this ‘BINDING OF TH EONLY BEGOTTEN SON’!

As you view this Video, remember, ‘TRUE PROPHETS ALWAYS LOOKS BACK TO SEE WHAT’S COMING IN THE FUTURE’. So Let’s Join Abraham in This Journey: ‘BACK TO THE FUTURE’!!!...

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