Thomas Baine - Disease X

Published on 29 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Disease X - Globalists’ Final Lockdown
Thomas Baine, Conglomerate-threatening Energy Innovator, Electrical Chemical Reverse Engineer, Covid death protocol whistleblower & Anti-Corruption Activist
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It will bring the Earth’s nations to heel and keep them from exiting the World Health Organization (WHO), if humans were trauma-based-mind-controlled into just enough fear of another “Covid”. Former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney reports that a Japanese scientist is warning that the Disease X vaccine will “self-replicate” (like the Spike Protein?), and our friend Dr. Lyons-Weiler has a poll on which disease “X” will be.

Will people resist…or comply?

The WHO’s International Health Regulations - and new Pandemic Treaty - are due next month, yet HR 79 to exit the WHO has only 50 cosponsors. On the other hand, exemptions from all vaccines are at their highest level ever - so parents are starting to wake up. Furthermore, there’s a bill in Congress to re-impose liability on pharma for vaxx injuries,
and the NHF (National Health Federation) is seeking original cosponsors for its bill to demand informed consent and expose over-vaccination for causing our real epidemic: chronic disease.

Mr. Baine has presented twice before, on the evidence of death from the Covid hospital protocol, and on barriers to ‘free energy’ inventions.

This time he warns of the engineering of symptoms using chemical weapons to simulate airborne pandemics. This next genocidal wave will ensure an infertile population, as confirmed, Baine claims, by Melissa Fleming, a former career CIA agent and minion of the 20th century interventionist instigator, Henry Kissinger. Thomas writes, as the Talmud
says in Zohar II 64b, “The Goyim birth rate must be diminished materially.”

Is this terrifying accusation true?

Portraying himself as the world’s #1 Breakthrough Energy Innovator, Thomas wowed our audience with his chemistry on the hospital protocol and the mystery on how to access cheap, effective energy. Strongly faithful to his Christian Science path (stemming from the power of prayerful healing), he’s proven himself a friend of humanity - and enemy of
the corrupt globalists.

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