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Michael Lavesque, Medical Freedom Amendment

Published on 03 May 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Time for Medical Freedom Amendment
With Michael LeVesque, Board Member, National Health Federation, CEO, RayGuardProtect.com

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Summary: The threat to one’s livelihood half of America’s workers faced under Biden’s vaxx mandate proved the last straw on medical freedom. Despite the fear fomented by decision-makers, in 2022 one poll found almost 80% favoring candidates supporting “…policies empowering citizens to make medical decisions for themselves and their families.”

With the Jacobsen Decision still standing and allowing fines for refusing vaccine mandates, America needs to right its ship and forever forbid forced medical interventions. One
would think the 4th amendment prohibition on property seizure, 5th amendment
Due Process requirements, and unenumerated 9th amendment rights, would take
care of bodily self-ownership. But apparently our betters find the Constitution inconvenient to their power-mongering. Hence the need for a corrective like the Medical Freedom Amendment.

Mr. LeVesque, was the owner and operator of Vitamin Express, the “best place to buy vitamins in the San Francisco Bay Area”. He also writes a Blog on electromagnetic
radiation and offers tools to mitigate electromagnetic radiation risks. On the
board of Governors of the National Health Federation, he urges everyone to send
NHF’s email now to their politicians to amend the Constitution, by adding the 28th Medical Freedom Amendment to forbid forced government medical interventions, guarantee privacy of medical decisions, protect medical choice, and require informed consent.

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