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Published on 22 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Liberty Vote Goes to Trump, RFK or the LP?
with George Mason professors Daniel Klein (economics) & Todd Zywicki (law)

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The Libertarian Party’s convention nominated someone a majority of the delegates opposed, at least in earlier voting. And let’s be real - the failure of so-called libertarian leaders during the Plandemic to call out the authorities for the corrupt science led most self-thinking libertarians to Trump - if many hadn’t moved to him even earlier based on his “Deep State” rhetoric and brief hiring of Robert F. Kennedy to investigate Vaccine corruption.

What about Kennedy? If Trump failed so miserably to undercut the Deep State, and Kennedy has the best knowledge how the special interests actually corrupt the agencies that regulate them, isn’t RFK really the best libertarian choice?

Or, does the LP nominee represent the best views on liberty? Which brings up the question
whether that nominee is even libertarian, given his pHARMa simping during Covid - bragging about getting vaccinated and glibly leaving employees to the mercy of businesses mandating experiment participation to avoid having their livelihoods sabotaged. Despite those “libertarian” views, in a Winner-Take-All system how can one escape the claim that a 3rd party vote allows victory for the worst candidate?

Professors Klein & Zywicki - of the pioneering “Law and Economics” program at the university named after a Founding Father famous for opposing the Constitution - think liberty requires a vote for Trump, versus wasting a vote that might fail to prevent the reelection of the corpse, Biden. What do you think?

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