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Henry Makow On Freedom Hub - The Satanic Jews

Published on 18 May 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Congress Bans Criticism of Jews. What Are They Afraid Of?
Henry Makow - social critic & inventor of “Scruples”
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In response to college student riots against American support for Israel genocide against Palestinians, our politicians just violated the 1st Amendment prohibition on interference with Speech - with a bill to interfere with Speech that exposes dangerous, Jewish power. This week secular Jew Makow returns to further expose their agenda as being as satanic as Bolshevik refugee Bella Dodd claimed in her whistleblowing book, “School of Darkness”.

Laws threatening fines or worse for criticizing Jewish Power are not a new thing. Few know that almost 40 states long have had laws barring contracts or employment if applicants are found to have failed to bend the knee to Israel. Just a few years ago Germany caged an old
lady for not saying enough bad things about the boogeyman, Hitler -- one of many national leaders crushed by the 200 year-long reign of the Rothschild banksters, as culture critic Mike King presented earlier this year on Freedom Hub.

“But has the overused anti-semitism attack lost its luster?

Just a year ago Culture War magazine editor E. MIchael Jones presented on Freedom Hub how the mistreatment of Hollyweirdo Kanye West did nothing but illustrate the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. More sinister, just a few weeks ago energy inventor Thomas Baine warned the coming, Final Lockdown served as fulfillment of the Talmud's writings against the Goyim.

The reinstatement this month onto Twitter of American Firster Nick Fuentes has the ADL junta hopping mad. If we give in to the Thought Police, though, will humans ever be able to properly expose and mitigate the global Bolshevik menace?

Raised Jewish but unfailingly honest, Mr. Makow writes at HenryMakow.com. He invented the board game "Scruples", an ethic sadly lost on today's superficial culture.

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