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Suzanne Web - Phone Medical Records App

Published on 21 Jun 2024 / In News & Politics

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Giving Patients Integrated Care Mainstream Can't
With Suzanne Webb, Founder, ES Digital Health

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Ms. Webb already was popular in the market of health innovators for disgorging bundled hospital pricing to bring price sobriety to an otherwise opaque price market. No payer could know for sure all the time how much a sickness or accident could cost. Freedom Hub has platformed many price bundlers and their uphill battles against recalcitrant hospitals and
avaricious insurers, and we will continue to prioritize these discussions in the future.

But what about overall care, not just surgeries? With humanity awakened by the Plandemic to danger from pHARMa and so-called health “authorities”, how will they access care that actually is backed by evidence? When people learn that hardly any medical procedure is backed by reproducible science or “outcomes” research, they are shocked. And they should be. Cancer drugs, for example, have a success rate in the single digits. As people learn of the monumental failure of mainstream medicine, where can they go, when needed, to find quality care - including so-called “alternative”, “integrated” or “natural” care?

Suzanne, a former hospital Chief Financial Officer, has developed an App, “ES Digital Health”, to connect patients with a wider variety of healing modalities – and it’s just in time to respond to the increasing demand by Americans for better options. It includes a lab function giving real results and life-saving personalized information.

Working directly with vendors & providers, Suzanne & her husband Kelly include even a pharmacy program with ZERO mark-up. Most importantly, this App engages patients
at a different level because the Patient owns the data, not the medical provider. Does ES Digital Health mark a revolution in healthcare?

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