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Freedom Hub - Jacob Hornberger 8-17

Published on 19 Aug 2023 / In Film & Animation

⁣Can Libertarians’ Hornberger Compete with Trump or RFK? We say YES!
Jacob Hornberger - Esq., founder, Future of Freedom Foundation
jacobforliberty.com, fee.org

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Libertarians in 2020 didn’t all vote for their party’s presidential candidate, Ms. Jorgensen.
She was too unimpressive and waffling. Instead, many voted for Trump, despite his non-libertarian views on spending and interventions, though he did target the mainstream elites and their control of government.

Libertarians like that. Now for 2024, a Democrat, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has galvanized libertarians for his heroic leadership, defending families against the past 3-years of horrific
Covid tyranny. Can the Libertarian Party run a candidate who can take votes from Trump or RFK?

For years, lawyer Jacob Hornberger has collected the best libertarian stories – from mainstream sources – to educate the masses on the Constitutional reforms needed to restore our Republic. He dismisses, though, the “reformist” bent of many in his own party – warning that ideas, like school vouchers or health savings accounts, do NOTHING to remove the infringements prohibited in the Constitution.

Given the awakening of humanity to the scheming of the global elite – around Central Bank currencies, carbon footprint rationing, and Woke behavioral coercion – are there enough Americans ready to respond to the principled message Mr. Hornberger delivers?

Can libertarians effectively communicate the vision of how much better a libertarian world would be, versus the status quo?

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