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Todd Callender - Holding The Covid Perps Accountable

Published on 07 Apr 2024 / In News & Politics

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Holding Plandemic Globalists Accountable Before They Finish the Depopulation Scheme
Todd Callendar - Nuremberg 2.0 lawyer
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Spending the Covid years in courts suing the Plandemic perps, Mr. Callendar’s FOIAs, whistleblowers and discovery have prepared him to lead Nuremberg 2.0 – holding to account the doctors whose hospital protocols killed millions, bureaucrats like Fauci who ran the pandemic, and most importantly, the global directors - like the Bill Gates & Co. billionaires behind the depopulation scheme.

Can the prosecution reach the top of the pyramid of those behind the crime?

Can justice prevail before the perps kill the prosecutors and millions more?

Todd is confident justice will prevail.

He believes the censorship laws Canada and France have passed, and the coming preemption from the WHO and UN, show the desperation of the globalists to avoid a cage… or worse.

But a RECKONING is needed.

Todd says the democide was planned by the globalists in 1994, and the pandemic was a global military operation run by our own Pentagon.

The most shocking revelation of his legal work is the “guilty mind” established via his lawsuits - first against the Polyethylene Glycol-contaminated lipid (“antifreeze”) delivery injected into people with “malice and forethought,” then the doctors’ elderly-killing protocol using the “execution drug'' Midazolam.

Whistleblower testimony also showed that the DoD committed premeditated murder of their own soldiers, and finally, FOIA’d oaths of administrative and agency heads show they ignored laws limiting their lethal decisions.

For medical experimentation without consent, international tribunals are needed – and may already have started - in Russia (of all places).

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