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Red Pill Coach - Mike Vera

Published on 26 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Awakened Coaching Against Status Quo Health
Mike Vera, coach, Healthy and Awake podcast

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With the Orwellian nature of Covid sending a portion of humanity into creative soul-searching, coaches in this cohort have had to redefine their mission.

It isn’t just about helping independent Americans find their calling. Now it’s about making money doing not just good, but also something to help the Great Awakening.

Self-thinking humans know the special interest junta is looking for another reason to lock us down and sicken us with their FDA-approved “medicine” (the 3rd leading cause of death). Their growing wireless mesh of antennas outside our bedrooms, classrooms & parks will spy on, fry, and coerce compliance - tracked via Digital ID.

They’re poisoning our crops, land, and skies. Influential oligarchs exploit government to erect barriers to entrepreneurs who might threaten their profits. What strategies can a critical thinker employ to thrive during the Great Reset?

Not only advising on life, business and health, Mr. Vera hosts a podcast to platform the change-agents who are showing the way to those of us who want a better world, and a way to profit and live life fully - as we make it so.

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