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Politicized Science Ruins Good Medicine

Published on 12 Apr 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Politicized Science Ruins Good Medicine

KP Stoller - Member, Physicians for Informed Consent & author, “Incurable Me”
PhysiciansforInformedConsent.org, StollerHBOT.org

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Covid’s tyranny, evil and corruption gave self-thinking doctors a chance to reassess. Most of these independent healers already noticed the real epidemic - chronic disease, having exploded from 10% in 1990 to 50% by 2010.

These ethical physicians also knew before Covid the danger of vaccine mandates, stemming mainly from the cruelty of denying religious exemptions and then threatening the licenses of doctors who signed medical exemptions. Physicians for Informed Consent, the organization founded in response to this tyranny, rose in prominence during Covid.

Already putting out the best content on vaccine risk, PIC has since Covid become the prime source of information for the parents who more than ever are electing exemptions to all the shots - not just Covid.

PIC isn’t interested, though, just in vaccines.Reviewing the chronic disease stats above, and heeding the advice of sages in the face of tyranny, healers like Dr. Stoller know a complete
rebuilding of health care is needed.

This time, reform of science must be included.

all heard the Journal editors’ dismissal of the efficacy of the studies
published in their own periodicals.
Also, we know of the failure of most pharma-funded studies to reproduce
claimed efficacy. We know of course also
the dumbing down of medicine from pharma-based medical education,
Medicare-influenced protocols, and institutional pressure not to practice
medicine as an art.

“Incurable Me”, Dr. Stoller is taking the lead on giving patients a
state-of-the art medical system that respects Informed Consent and truth.

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