Will Winter - Regenerative Farming, Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Published on 06 Aug 2023 / In Film & Animation

⁣The Corporate-Govt complex is worsening Franken-Food with
Vaxx Experiments

The REAL epidemic – chronic disease – Regenerative Farming the simple solution

Will Winter - Holistic Veterinarian and Co-Founder of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, on farmers’ use of GMO vaccines and other pharmaceuticals in our food animals


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In 2022 Americans defeated Big Biotech & Ag interests with a labeling law to inform consumers when their retail food purchases were genetically altered. But as with any government “solution”, the transparency requirement suffers loopholes that expose families still to unwanted Frankenfood. The heroic Dr. Mercola now says that for years pork eaters have been ingesting not just over-vaxxed and hormone-injected meat, but also food that’s been contaminated with new vaccines and other drugs that are unproven to be
safe. Indeed, the National Health Federation has the campaign to support federal and state bills to prohibit food retail sales without properly labeling over-vaxxed or gene-altered livestock and crops.

Why are American farmers resorting to such drastic measures to create wholesome food? Dr. Winter has been coaching his clients not only to avoid mRNA or related vaccines (now mainly in the experimental stage), but even to avoid all other vaccinations and other pharma treatments. He uses true holistic health and immune support to create vibrant health which enables farmers and ranchers to create even healthier animals whilst completely avoiding all “chemical crutches”. Many in this holistic movement are seeking
public support for regenerative farming – a level beyond even organic. Such farming takes more effort, so families need to budget to pay local farmers to do the right thing. Are you up for the challenge?

COVID wonderfully has awakened humanity to attempts from global elitists to control not only agriculture but also our food and medicine. For decades corporate entities have persecuted family farms as well as Americans who just want healthy food for their kids. Representative Massie (R-KY) offered an amendment to the Appropriations bill to ban edible vaccine experiments and has a bill to end barriers to the construction of local slaughterhouses which could help in the delivery of safe meat. Dr. Winter coaches smart Americans on how to clean up a farming enterprise and market.

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