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Mark Sargent - Flat Earth

Published on 01 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Flat Earth Isn’t Going Away: Spinning Spaceballers Need Better Answers
with Mark Sargent, iconic Flat Earth researcher

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After an aborted astrology show last Winter with Flat Earth icon Santos Bonnacci, we found another expert of many years to build on the most viewed show of Freedom Hub from last year - the one with David Weis, who presented the top-rated Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiak Clock App.

Mr. Sargent precedes David as a “founding” theorist on what he believes is the truth of our Earthly existence. According to Mr. Sargent, evidence from our authorities that proves we live on a ‘spinning ball in an infinite vacuum’ – is sparse.

But if anyone has at some time witnessed a debate between a glober and flat earther, the results are surprising. For example, who do you think won this debate between Witsit GetsIt and Infowars?

What brings so many to question the spaceball-spinning-in-a-vacuum theory is the evidence stacking up against it. Witness below the the time-lapse picture of the stars rotating around the North Star - which seemingly hasn’t moved from the Georgia Guide-Stones peephole in decades. How could this be possible if the earth was moving - as we’re told by authorities - in 4 different directions, ending up every year billions of miles away in a different position?

Or the fact that – as came up in the InfoWars debate above – no pictures or videos exist of Earth from Space. Why would they all be CGI? And get this: NASA keeps a Green Screen in
its astronaut training pool. The list goes on, but you have to join us this week to hear more.

If you’re a Freedom Hub patron, you likely have questions and doubts about most everything we’re told by “Trusted Authorities”. Mr. Sargent - appearing recently with comedian Jim Brueur - posed long ago 21 Questions for Scientists on Earth, and grew frustrated over how weak their answers were. Understanding few controversies like this cause so much angst, maybe you have the proofs to make Flat Earth go away once and for all! (Or, maybe, attending will open your mind on what a special place this creation is, and that humanity lies at its center).

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