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5G With Mark Steele

Published on 28 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

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A Genocide? 5G Frequency Ignites Vaxx Nanometals
With Mark Steele, Founder, Save Us Now

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The trusted researcher James Corbett years ago warned how 5th Generation (5G) cellular technology would enable the SMART (Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) City. Telecom’s antennas outside our bedrooms, offices, classrooms, farms and parks, as Children's Health Defense had cohost Frohman describe in his 3-minute warning
will spy on, fry and coerce compliance, trapping humanity in a ‘digital prison’.

But it gets worse. We’ve heard throughout the Plandemic that the clot shot contained more
than just spike proteins. Like out of some B-horror movie, scientists also kept finding self-building nanotechnology; the shot’s graphene oxide, powered by the surrounding wireless frequencies (from our routers, tablets, appliances, cars, nearby antennas, phones, etc.), enabled this self-replication in our bodies.

One-third of humans are sensitive to Radio Frequency Microwave radiation. Up to 5% are
disabled by it. Meanwhile, while Covid never increased death beyond average, data from insurers & governments show Excess Death exploding since most of the world’s population elected (or were coerced) into taking the franken-shot. As Telecoms continue to sing praise for and roll out more wireless 5G, will we see catastrophic excess deaths?

Expert in biowarfare and frequency weaponry, Mr. Steele - like others such as Claire Edwards and Susan Clarke - couldn’t remain silent on the 5G-vaccine synergy that was too obvious to professionals from his field. So, Mark founded Save Us Now to help reverse the 5G addiction, detox from the clot shots, and demand humane government that respects informed consent and prosecutes regulatory capture by the nefarious global fraudsters. Given the gullible normies’ continued support for pHARMa and wireless, how can we enable the post-Plandemic awakening to turn the tide?

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