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Left Fighting To Keep Deep State Whistleblowers Name Private/Pres. Trump Acknowledges Coup at Rally

Alex Jones Channel
Published on 08 Nov 2019 / In Film & Animation

President Trump is correct when he says the Left will stick together no matter what. If you noticed, the Left helped to keep the Jeffery Epstein scandal on the wraps? Mainly because the Clintons are involved. Had it been Pres. Trump in the same position as the Clintons; they would have told the story three years ago. Now the Left is working in overtime to keep the alleged whistleblower's name from reaching as many people as possible. Why would they do such a thing? Why would the Democrats and the Main Stream Socialist Media not want the truth to get out? Trump Jr. was recently on the View, and they were utterly butt-hurt over the fact that he tweeted out the name. They were not upset when it was on the front page of the Drudge Report? It’s because he is a Trump. So again, why is the Left working so hard to keep whistleblowers name out the public space? Could it be that he, the alleged whistleblower was in a cozy photo with Shucky Ducky Schumer or this photo with Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, or could it be this photo with Hillary Clinton or many be it’s with this cozy photo with House Leader Nancy Pelosi? Are you connecting the dots…? The swamp and the Deep Start are one in the same!

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