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⁣Health Reform Requires Putting Consumers in Control

Published on 25 Jun 2023 / In Other

⁣Health Reform Requires Putting Consumers in Control

Robert Koshnick - Program Director, Minnesota Physician-Patient Alliance


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Healthcare’s share of the economy has risen from 5% in 1960 to almost 20% now. The cartels of third parties paying for health care have failed to control spending. It is time to put patients and their doctors in charge of medical care in the U.S.

People could manage their medical care spending if they had the means to directly pay for it. That could re-establish a consumer-friendly, cost-effective medical market without the added cost of third-party payers that limit patients’ choices. Dr. Koshnick proposes that people be given the option of having an Empowering-Patient Accounts (E-PA) to give them the means to establish a patient-physician relationship and pay directly for routine medical care. Third-party insurance would only be needed for major medical costs. He suggests legislation, the Empowering-People Option Act, to enact E-PA on a state or national level.

Dr. Koshnick promotes legislation that allows Direct Primary Care (DPC) to be a qualified medical expense for health savings accounts (HSA), as over thirty states have done, and not be considered insurance under state regulation as the IRS has ruled. DPC reduces administrative costs and improves health outcomes by increasing access to incremental care.

He also recommends enforcing the Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine that prohibits corporations from practicing medicine – a change that could dramatically lower the cost of medical care and improve patient and physician satisfaction.

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