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Linda Gorman, Economist - On Health Reform

Published on 29 Mar 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Offering “Coverage For All” While Ignoring Gov’t Created Supply Side Problems Blocks Health Reform

Linda Gorman - Health Policy Director, Independence Institute

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Former President Trump pushed through a few significant health care reforms, including: Expansion of non-ObamaCare short term health insurance. Expansion of “ICHRA” group plans that individualize benefits, and Forced hospital price disclosure is needed for any real health market even to exist.

He wasn’t, however, able (or even interested) in reforming or cutting ObamaCare or entitlement health welfare – for the poor, disabled or wealthy. Not to mention zero
reform of the tyrannical, corrupt public health bureaucracies at FDA, NIH, and CDC.

So, what could a second Trump administration do for health reform and health freedom? If, on the other hand, Biden gets reelected, what marginal changes could conservatives hope to achieve, or would our best bet lie in refocusing at the state legislatures?

Appointed in 2015 to the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care, Ms. Gorman was an academic economist who is known in the “ObamaCare Repeal” community for her refusal to compromise free market principles. But can we ever get to a health system
based on pure, voluntary exchange?

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