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Bill Sloane - Censorship And The Supreme Court Case

Published on 17 Mar 2024 / In News & Politics


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Supreme Court Tackles Malinformation Censorship

William Martin Sloane, DBA, EdD, JD, PhD – Attorney at Law


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⁣Court Document: http://your-mp.com/wp-ontent/u....ploads/2024/03/Murth

If the government stifles your speech because of its viewpoint, that’s censorship, and is generally prohibited by the First Amendment. If a website or other publisher refuses to post your submission, that’s editing. (The First Amendment doesn’t protect you from publishers; on the contrary, it protects publishers from the government.)

But what if the government asks the publisher to reject or delete your words because of the viewpoint expressed? What if they ask forcefully? At what point does the publisher become an arm of the government, thus bringing the First Amendment into play?

Bill Sloane spent 35 years on the staff of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania and has taught Communication/Media Law 74 times. Now president of Charisma University, he will
prepare you to follow the oral arguments in the Murthy case, set for March 18.

Formerly known as Missouri v. Biden, plaintiffs are urging the Supreme Court to establish a prohibition against officials soliciting the suppression of lawful speech. Biden officials flagged content for removal and asked social media companies to deplatform users and downgrade certain speech it deemed “misinformation,” particularly speech related to vaccines and Covid.

Having served as an officer or director of numerous chiropractic, counseling, qigong, naturopathic, and integrative-medicine organizations, Mr. Sloane took great umbrage - as did all of us in Health Freedom - at the government’s abuse of health and truth during the Covid
tyranny and is tirelessly advocating in support of the 1st Amendment.

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