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Published on 07 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

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The Worst Toxin is Atmospheric Spraying
With Reinette Senum, founder, Save Our Skies,

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With seven states writing or considering legislation to ban chemtrails, otherwise known as geoengineering or solar radiation management, Americans are wondering if the chronic diseases affecting them (and most of the population) stem from the pollution of our water, land, food, and medicine or also from what is being sprayed into our atmosphere.

An overwhelming number of Americans told Pew Research in 2021 that they understand solar geoengineering and cloud seeding, expressed opposition to them, and agreed with the statement that they “...will be used before we fully understand how they affect Earth’s ecosystems.”

While the establishment tries to gaslight people that there is no sky spraying and what people are seeing is nothing more than normal jet “contrails” (exhaust), anyone born in the 1970s or earlier remembers there were no such clouds back then – ‘clouds’ we now see daily.

Environmentalists had hoped back in 2015 that an EPA rulemaking would clean up jet exhaust, but the 2020 final rule omitted toxic cloud formation and the emission of harmful metallic and other aerosols attributed to Alzheimer’s, autism, cancer, and a plethora of other debilitating illnesses. Sadly, a 2021 report entitled “Federal Weather Enterprise” stated
even less, “…attention is being paid to the effects of airborne toxins, ozone, and fine particulate matter on human health, and the impact of air pollution on human health and sensitive ecosystems.”

Resigning in 2020 from the Nevada City (CA) city council position for limits on Reinette Senum’s ability to tell the truth about the Plandemic, she ran for California Governor a couple years later. Blogging at the Foghorn Express on Substack, so-named because of her drive to warn humanity of globalist-imposed perils, she founded Save our Skies and appeared on the Kim Iversen show to give attention to the Health Freedom issue too few Americans still are willing to confront. But we must confront aviation-induced cloudiness and sky pollution of all sorts because they may represent a graver threat than all other environmental toxins.

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