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Jonathan Emord For Senate - Health Biz

Published on 22 Mar 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Deep State loves a useless Senate. Virginia has a chance to remedy this!

Jonathan Emord, JD, multiple victors over FDA tyranny & Senate candidate
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Health freedom advocates know Jonathan Emord for several constitutional victories over the Food and Drug Administration in defense of individual rights to access information critical for health. A large and growing grassroots constituency supports Emord as the candidate who will take on the Deep State - the “government within government” that seems immune to change regardless of who is in power.

President Trump became popular in part because he promised to drain the swamp. RFK is gaining popularity for the same reason. Biden and Senator Kane of Virginia are patrons of this Administrative Leviathan. Kaine, as we recall, served as Hillary Clinton’s VP attack dog against the Trump campaign.

Can the swamp be drained?

Trump’s attack on the Deep State in his first term, as we know, fell short of expectations. With election of better Senators like Mr. Emord, could Trump gain the needed allies in the legislature for America finally to free itself from the DC leviathan and its global puppet masters?

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