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BLM Won't Accept The Truth

Alex Jones Channel
Published on 07 Sep 2020 / In News & Politics

Victim hood. It’s the drug of choice for a Generation of spoiled junkies hooked on false narratives, gas lighting, and Democrat brainwashing. But the rush of looting expensive goods is too much to pass up. No need to wait for all the facts to emerge. Facts that easily crumble the Black Lives Matter battle cry. Riddled amongst their self righteours claims is the discarded factor that ultimately kills black men at a higher rate. The violent crime rate.

The violent crime rate for black folks is what it is because Democrat run cities have created a socio economic nightmare for black Americans for decades. While committing an accepted genocide on black babies decimating the numbers of black Americans by roughly 250 black babies everyday. The very same Democrats these useful idiots support. Ignoring with a visceral stupidity that the current President has lowered the black unemployment rate to historic levels and increased economic opportunity even in the oppressive Democrat held cities the rage is generated from. Instead, this modern black civil rights movement against police brutality has been hijacked by white marxists posing as their saviors. Harboring a skewed message of hate, paranoia, and demoralization that is terrifying the rest of America smack dab in the middle of an election year.

While Joe Biden claimed without a shred of evidence that President Trump is rooting for more violence. Rioting has bled an enormous financial toll the Democrats can no longer ignore. Over 750 police Officers have been injured nationwide. 60 Secret Service agents and 40 US Park Police were also injured. In Portland, Ore. the damage is $23 million and rising. In Chicago high-end mag mile retailers and mom-and-pop stores are looking at at least $20 million. And the damage in Minneapolis is surpassing $500 million. Compare those growing numbers to The American Civil War which ultimately drained our Countries coffers for roughly $85 Billion in today's dollars. The lunacy will either end now as the insurrection it is or it will continue as a social ill and standard bearer of the Democratic party for years to come.

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