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Social Media Celebrates Child Murder

Alex Jones Channel
Published on 17 Aug 2020 / In News & Politics

As the brownshirt millennials continue their expansion of their totalitarian abuse of the rights of American citizens. While Antifa and BLM target the suburbs. While Democrats continue to ignore the blatant violations spreading like wildfire across the United States. As Antifa pushes further into territory they really shouldn’t.

The shocking murder of white 5 year old Cannon Hinnant by his 25 year old black neighbor goes relatively unnoticed by the mockingbird media. And the real statistics which are unbending remain hidden in favor of a false divisive narrative that is tearing the Country apart.

No one will address why black people in both America and the United Kingdom commit crimes at nearly three times the rate that whites do adjusted to their percentile in those populations. Because to do so immediately sounds racist. To the Marxist hordes twisting reality these truths clumsily become racism. While any efforts to confront the real issues for these statistics remain ignored as none of the supposed leaders of Black America will address why blacks continue to kill each other far more than any other factor of black deaths For example the 2018 FBI statistics show Blacks committed 2,925 homicides where 2,600 of the victims were black.

Instead black America's murder by cop has brought the country to a stand still. Claiming an importance so overwhelming that protesters continue to congregate night after night destroying property, looting, injuring and even murdering other Americans to get their point across. A white privilege fantasy regardless of the fact that white American's median income is 20000 dollars less than Asian Americans. Regardless that whites continue to die at double the rate by cops than blacks do. And a five year olds senseless death by his black neighbor goes relatively unnoticed. Except for social media where even more sanctioned damage is done. Where Cannon Hinnant's murderer is hailed as a hero and a candlelight vigil for Cannon was reportedly canceled in favor of a black radical activist group planning a counter protest in support for Cannon Hinnant's murderer.

As the National file reports the shooter's Mother "Carolyn Sessoms was flooded with a diverse mix of messages extending support and colorful condemnation on Facebook after her son, Darius, 25, was alleged to have shot five-year-old Cannon Hinnant in the head at point blank range as he played on the street with his sisters on a summer’s afternoon at a Wilson, North Carolina, neighborhood."

But as a Biden/Harris ticket ensures that America goes down the drain do the stats really matter? The bottom line is that Americans are being killed. Police reforms should be addressed but not so that it is inevitable that many more AMericans will die as a result of defunding. Economic opportunity and prosperity for all should be increased. But Communism isn't the answer. Communism is a totalitarian failure and a fantasy that ignores the core freedoms of human nature. What must be immediately addressed are the lives of America's children who are being trafficked and murdered by a negligence generated by a lack of unity, information, leadership, and courage.

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