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Sheena - 5G Hospital Remediation

Published on 16 Jun 2024 / In News & Politics

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Hospitals Oblivious to how their Wireless Systems Harm Patients

With Sheena Symington, Director, Electrosensitive Society, and Research Associate at The ROSE Lab
ElectroSensitiveSociety.com, SheenaSymington@gmail.com

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In 2020, an official committee formed by New Hampshire’s government reported (1) fifteen recommendations to reduce Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation, including “…encouraging commercial and public buildings, especially healthcare facilities, to establish Radio Frequency (RF) radiation free zones, where employees and visitors could seek refuge from the effects of wireless RF emissions.” A hospital in Europe – just a year later – did eliminate (2) wireless antennas in its pediatric unit, recognizing children’s intense vulnerability to RF.

But, not in America. Ignoring the above recommendations, and a study (3) in 2023 warning
hospital wireless RF was harming newborns – the renowned Cleveland Clinic put 5G devices in every doctor’s pocket and machine in a patient’s room – guaranteeing high levels of exposure which have already made a third of Americans (see page 6 for injury table [4]) sensitive to or injured from such radiation.

Worse, dozens of bills in the U.S. Congress will remove the ability of state and local governments to set antennas far from bedrooms, classrooms, offices, farms & parks.
Despite COVID’s awakening of humanity to the existence of the “Deep State’s” threats on our health, lives, and liberty, most Americans – and their legislators – are still ignoring big Telecom’s covert assault on them. Only New Hampshire retains momentum – with a
strong bill (5) to enact many of its recommendations.

Fortunately, a quarter of Americans have heard presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy’s warning about chronic disease from a synergistic combination of environmental assaults – from toxins in our water, food, medicine, clothing, air, personal cosmetics, plastics, and of course, the growing EMF wireless mesh.

At the ElectroSensitive Society, Ms. Symington helps injured people find medical specialists who are familiar with electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS), and remediation specialists who can help reduce EMF exposure and create low EMF zones – where victims can comfortably live, work and more fully enjoy life.

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