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Pt. 6# The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:1-5) (IN CHRIST: ‘THERE’S NEITHER JEW NOR GREEK’!) (8-21-21)

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Published on 18 Aug 2021 / In Film & Animation


(Acts 10:34-36):
Then Peter opened his mouth, and said: “OF A TRUTH I PERCEIVE THAT GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS:” But in every ‘Nation’ (GENTILES-‘GOYIM’) he that: ‘FEARETH HIM, and WORKETH RIGHTEOUSNESS (TZEDEKAH), is accepted with Him. The Word which God sent unto The Children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ: ‘HE IS LORD OVER ALL (JEW and GENTILE):”

In Romans 11, Paul describes ‘The Nations’ (GENTILES-‘GOYIM’), as being: “GRAFTED-IN” to a metaphorical Olive Tree(11:11-24), this image does not suggest that Gentiles are now or have somehow Replaced “Israel” (REPACEMENT THEOLOGY). But Paul proclaims that Gentiles share the blessings of God alongside Israel, but not as a Replacement for Israel.”

Paul also describes an ‘Olive Tree’ with different Branches. Some of these Branches are “NATURAL” (φύσις; phúsis; Rom 11:21) and have been a part of The Olive Tree from the start. But Paul also mentions Another Kind Of Branch: ‘A WILD OLIVE SHOOT’ (ἀγριέλαιος; agriélaios; 11:17) that has been ‘GRAFTED INTO’ The Plant From Somewhere Else. The Wild Branch is a specific metaphor for Gentiles who have put their Faith In The Jewish Messiah; these Non-Israelite Gentile Jesus followers are now in ‘THE SAME OLIVE TREE’ as ‘’The Natural Jewish Branches, ‘GRAFTED IN AMONG THEM’ (ἐν αὐτοῖς; enautois; 11:17). Paul concludes that believing Gentiles have been transformed into members of ‘The Commonwealth’ (πολιτεία - POLITEIA ‘Politics Of Israel’) and, as such, this gives all Jesus followers the ability to observe every aspect of The Daily Walk Of The Torah whose function had been to ‘SET APART’ (Holy) from the other Nations.

Paul says that The Gentiles, being ‘Wild Olive Trees’, have been ‘GRAFTED IN’ amongst ‘Them’, which means they (GENTILES) have been ‘GRAFTED IN AMONGST THE ISRAELITES WHO ARE IN CHRIST’. And he says this is: ‘CONTRARY TO NATURE’!

So, what does ‘The Imagery Of The Grafting Of Real Olive Imply’? Simply, grafting brings 2 Types Of Trees Together As One Species. Wild Olive Trees are known for having Bitter-Tasting Fruit With Large Stony Pits. While Cultivated Olive Trees, on the other hand, produce Fleshy, Juicy Tasting Fruit With Smaller Pits.

But there is another advantage. “In The Olive Oil Industry, Grafting extracts from The Roots of one variety with that of another variety, assures that the whole point of Grafting is that each part of ‘The Grafted Tree Keeps Its Original Character.’

Wow! Could this have been God’s plan all along? That He would ‘Graft The Nations (GOYIM) Into Israel (NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND), to create for Himself ‘One People Made Up Of Both Jew and Gentile In Messiah’, who would yield the best fruit from the highest qualities He has given each nationality? YES, According To The Apostle Paul/Sha’ul. Therefore, notice Paul’s use of the word ‘PARTAKER’: ‘Meaning To Share Or Participate Along With Others.’ So, ‘The Nations (GOYIM), get to share and participate in Israel’s Promises and Blessings By Being ‘Grafted-In Amongst Them (Jews). (NOT THE OTHERWAY AROUND)!


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