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Pt. 2# God's Olive Tree Plan, From It's ROOTS To It's FRUIT (6-27-20)

Man Hu Ministries
Published on 25 Jun 2020 / In Film & Animation

God’s Promised SEED (CHRIST), Is IN ‘The Olive Tree (ISRAEL)’, But Reproduction of 'The Olive Tree', Comes From It’s ‘ROOTS’! In an ancient Hebrew Commentary called: ‘The Midrash’, in the section called: ‘Exodus Rabbah 46’, The Sages said: ‘Israel Is Called a Luxuriant ‘OLIVE TREE’ That Enlightens All’…Therefore, Israel Biblicallly and Historically is referred to as: (The OLIVE TREE). Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levy taught: “Why is ISRAEL said to be like ‘THE OLIVE TREE”? To show you that even as the leaves of ‘THE OLIVE TREE’ fall neither during summer nor during the rainy season, so too ISRAEL will never cease to be, not in this world nor in the hereafter.” We’ve learned that The Church that our Savior, Jesus and The Apostles Built, was based upon 'The Promises and Design' that God made to The Patriarchs 'ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB'. Although Jesus is truly that Foundation, The Promises of That Foundation was layed and Rooted long before in 'The Biblical Fathers of Our Faith', ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB, 'The Root System of The Church'.

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