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Lunisolar Basics: How 2 Establish New Moon Day (& more)

Published on 23 Nov 2019 / In News & Politics

This video will help clarify just WHAT a luni-solar (lunisolar) calendar is, and HOW it is arranged, applying principles of (7-day) lunar phases of the weeks, and Sabbaths (etc.) to the lunisolar calendar, using the FREE app from WLC (SEE worldslastchance.com).

I use the calendar and reasonings in order to establish & verify the actual date of a recent NMD. In this example, it is also shown how to determine if a month has either 29 or 30-days, as it relates to the lunar cycles and the calendar months.

I also address ERRORS that are still embraced widely by many 'truthers' & some quasi-religious organizations, which can be avoided; e.g., incorrect attribution of NMDs, due to false doctrines like FIRST VISIBLE CRESCENT [sighting] and clinging to the false 'DAY BEGINS AT EVENING' error...these were also discussed in previous video[s]--look them up, please...

In order to determine new moon days, one needs to be acquainted with the phases & cycles of the moon, and I endeavor to illustrate how to view and understand them, and how they relate to the lunisolar calendar.

Hopefully, this helps one to better understand the calendar and the app from WLC, and the various facets of moon phases; it can seem daunting, at first, but it isn't really all that complex--it is also the only way to comprehend and 'keep' the mo'edim (Sabbath[s], etc.),

I encourage all viewers , listeners &/or readers to think about, test, and apply the calendar of the Creator to their lives, and to keep at it until it becomes clear--the implications of NOT using this system to honor the Sabbath[s], and Commandment[s] (LAW) are big, as per the info one can derive from my most recent video exposés...

Jump in and get your feet wet, then learn and study as needed till you can pass this on to others, yourself. The repairing of the breaches is ongoing, per the pouring out of the Spirit unto the world, and the messages of the 3 angels; time is something we don't have a lot of, and it is something we MUST understand!

May all viewers , listeners &/or readers gain a blessing of discernment and action to learn what the Most High has in mind for us to understand...So be it. ;)


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