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Cycles of Time:13th Months & the Metonic Cycle (1 of 3)

Published on 26 Nov 2019 / In News & Politics

A SERIES as I was led to explicate further on my understandings re: TIME & THE CREATOR'S CALENDAR. In these three (3) videos:

*Cycles of Time:13th Months & the Metonic Cycle (Intro or Pt1, Pt 2 and Pt 3)*

I will discuss &/or explain the lesser-known or understood cyclical aspects which have proven over time to be integral, and veridical, parts of the luni-solar calendar system.
Until recently, I was not ~100% sure that I was able to accurately determine the first month of the year. However, this year past was definitely one in which 13 months was necessitated, for proper alignment of the luni-solar (Creator's) calendation. By direct
observations, the signs of the sun rising in it's proper 'gate' at the proper time, relative to considerations of the new moon and the equinox, helped to verify to me, finally, that a (metonic) cycle of 13th months is necessary for understanding the true calendar.

In previous observations[s], not secured in the veracity or use of a 13th month cycle, Time-related events sometimes seemed 'messed-up', out-of sync, or otherwise in error, at specific times; so I never elucidated what I had come to understand until I was more sure and that things should align as expected. Now, I feel confident that I have it 'right', as it was revealed to me.

I also was led to explain and propose the manner in which the cycles of time can be envisioned, as analogous cycles in a biphasic, or sinusoidal function. I provide graphics and explanation as simply as I could. Please be patient as there seems to be a lot of redundancy in describing these various cycles, but THAT IS THE POINT. These cycles are indeed fairly simple, but they must be understood from a standpoint of understanding the way ancient peoples knew our Father's systems and signs of TIME; I.E., we don't conceive of such concepts as a 12-HOUR 'day'' + a 12-hour night, normalizing them as archeological finds suggest (see videos Pts 1 & 2)

There are numerous hints and a number of 'connect-the-dots' revelations contained here in this series, so I hope that folks will consider some of the 'angles' provided, such that deeper Truths will be further explored, by whomever is so lead... These are things that I was lead to 'see', though I may have little in the way of clarity or understanding--perhaps each nugget is for someone else--like YOU??

That's the 'feeling' I get; He works in such wonderous and often occluded ways...
Anyways, I pray that all who view , listen, &/or read these content/videos gain a blessing of understanding and a call to act upon revealed Truth[s] being poured out in these end-times...So be it.


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