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Time is Short to escape UN’s globalist tyranny.

Published on 23 Mar 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Time is Short to escape UN’s globalist tyranny.

Rima Laibow, the drug-free psychiatrist-founder of Natural
Solutions Foundation, who predicted the Fraudemic a decade ago on Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" show
PreventGenocide2030.org, DrRimaTruthReports.substack.com

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The grassroots that’s been awakening to Covid tyranny is learning about the May deadline to reject amendments which would enable the World Health Organization (WHO) to preempt sovereign health decisions of member nations like ours. It indeed is critical to leave the WHO, which plans to use medical compliance passports, cancellable central bank currency,
energy-rationing carbon footprints, and trackable ID’s to coerce our behavior.

But what about the rest of the global bureaucracy?

Separation from the WHO still leaves America entangled with other agencies and the head of the snake - the United Nations (UN). And it’s the UN as a whole that is rapidly implementing so-called “sustainability” guidelines under an accord called “Agenda 2030”. Within 6-years, then, this authoritarian global government will ostensibly control our food, property, communication, finances and much more – all of which will not go away
because of mere departure from the WHO.

Dr. Laibow, made famous by her appearance on “Conspiracy Theory”, the popular series hosted by possible RFK VP candidate and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura - when she predicted a decade ago the recent fraudemic - believes we don’t have until 2030 to avoid UN coercion.

That's because many of its threats are already being installed. The farmers seem to know this, protesting as they are by the thousands in many European countries. Congress has before it the Disengaging Entirely From the UN Debacle Act (S 3428/HR 6645). It is
imperative that this bill pass with the necessary ⅔ majority to override the inevitable Biden veto. Send your email now from PreventGenocide2030.

Dr. Laibow believes that between Agenda 2030 and the upcoming UN “Pact for the Future”, we are, simply, running out of time. Freedom Hub needs your participation in this urgent conversation on restoring American independence.

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