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Chris Robinson -- Premonition Man

Published on 29 Jun 2024 / In Film & Animation

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The Government Actually Uses Psychics to Solve Crimes
with Christopher Robinson, the “Premonition Man”
ThePremonitionMan.com, X: @DreamDetective1

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In 1986 Scotland Yard was warned an Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb lay outside a packed concert house. Hundreds were saved because authorities trusted the psychic who called it in. The accuracy with which Mr. Robinson has been able to predict criminal activity and “find the buried bodies” is astounding; it also raises many questions, including from the police detectives themselves – who wondered what they weren’t being taught about how
the world worked, given Chris was so good at this.

But not every agency listens to Chris. Six months before 9-11, Chris was shown in his dreams a vision of the World Trade Center towers getting taken down. He notified the FBI and other U.S. authorities with many of the details he knew were coming. Of course, they did not act on his information. Why did our government trust the psychic on every other warning except this one?

Chris has been featured in such publications as The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Woman’s Day, and The Daily Mirror, and last year, the book The Premonition Man was published about him.
Chis was even featured on the History Channel series, Stan Lee’s Superhumans, which devoted an entire episode to “Chris Robinson: Futurerman.”

What does this power imply for our reality. And is it possible we all have this ability to some extent?

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