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Becca Bee - Death, Life And

Published on 26 May 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Death? Nope. Because You Are More Than Just A Physical Body!
Becca Bee, Soul Coach, Evolutionary Astrologer

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Meet Becca Bee of Soul Based Life, a dedicated ascension guide and mentor who empowers others to reclaim their single soul occupancy and sovereignty. From a young age, she learned to navigate the realms beyond the veil, whether spiritual or interdimensional, and has devoted her life to helping others understand these very realms that subtly influence our daily experiences. As a Soul Coach and Evolutionary Galactic Astrologer, Becca finds
her greatest joy in assisting others to read and remember their personal "owner's manual," enabling them to reclaim their power and embrace their truth.

Her transformative work is focused on raising frequencies and healing DNA codes by clearing away spirit and entity attachments, as well as the seals and implants that obstruct our energy flow. Specializing in working with Indigo and Starseed races who are learning to integrate and deal with many of the challenges here on Earth. With a profound passion for honoring and healing our ancestral lineage, Becca's unique approach to trauma release
and blueprint repatterning empowers individuals. Utilizing the modalities of Soul Coaching, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Human Design, and Quantum Astrology, she helps people awaken the ancient wisdom that resides within us all.

In this conversation we are going to dive into the many cycles of life and how to embrace each life’s crossroads. Being in the human experience is not always easy and life can bring us many challenges and pains. We experience death in many ways during one lifetime and even though we may want to avoid this topic, we are going to look at how we can find peace in these pivotal moments and how we can navigate the challenges life brings us.

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