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Alex Landry - Tartaria

Published on 11 May 2024 / In Film & Animation

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Tartaria: Architecture Signals a Lost Civilization
Alex Landry - Realtor, Moringa Man & Food Tour Guide

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When a deep investigator of society's deceptions is asked for the deepest conspiracy,
they might answer, “Old World”, “Mud Floods”, or “Tartaria”.

Those into this rabbit hole recommend often the “My Lunch Break” YouTube channel,
whose entertaining host reviews the strange worldwide pattern of burnt and rebuilt, incredible 19th buildings in most urban centers worldwide. The stories on each building evince narratives manufactured by Artificial Intelligence.

“Where did the previous civilization go?” asks the host. Was there a natural cataclysm, or was it done on purpose? And could it happen again, with the Great Reset?

The constant destruction of "Old World" buildings makes one suspicious "they" are hiding Free Energy, or Healing stemming from the building's architecture. Indeed, one purveyor of a Buffalo hotel in a repurposed Old World masterpiece of a building was attracting a national clientele for the healing properties of his hotel - until the government shut down his
spa and destroyed the building.

The Old World seems to be begging us to protect their architecture and regain the flourishing from a lost civilization.

When not selling luxury properties and moringa, practicing permaculture or guiding
food and history tours in Florida, Mr. Landry has been working on developing an
accurate and comprehensive worldview while uncovering and piecing together
stolen history. Join us this week to pick up some doors for your own personal exploration of those amazing, old buildings in a town near you.

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