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Land of Liberty Lyric Video | 23 Rain

Danny Huff
Published on 26 Apr 2024 / In Music

⁣23 Rain – A Band of Kentucky Spirits

Lori Davis - Lead Singer and Acoustic Guitarist
Bio: Lori Davis hails from a long line of Appalachian storytellers and musicians, her mother growing up in a small town nestled along the Country Music Highway. Raised on the soulful tunes of her grandmother's old vinyl records, Lori quickly developed a passion for country music. Inspired by the strong women of the genre like Loretta Lynn and Emmylou Harris, she honed her skills on the acoustic guitar, infusing her performances with heartfelt lyrics and melodies that echo the rugged beauty of her mother’s home state. With a voice that can soothe even the weariest soul, Lori is the heart and soul of the band, her songs weaving tales of love, loss, and redemption.

Savannah Johnson - Harmony Singer, Keyboardist, and Fiddler
Bio: Savannah Johnson's roots run deep in the rolling hills of eastern Kentucky, where her family has been making music for generations. From a young age, Savannah was drawn to the sounds of the fiddle and the ivories of the piano, learning to play both instruments with a natural grace that belied her years. Her harmonies are as sweet as the honeysuckle that blooms along the Country Music Highway, adding depth and richness to the band's sound. With a smile as bright as the Appalachian sunrise, Savannah brings warmth and joy to every performance, her love for the music shining through with every note.

Jackson Carter - Harmony Singer and Lead Guitarist
Bio: Jack Carter is a true country boy, born and bred in the heart of the Bluegrass State. Spending his summers on a farm just off the Country Music Highway, Jack learned the value of hard work and determination from his parents, who instilled in him a love for the land and the music that echoed through the hills. His soulful riffs add a touch of twang to the band's sound. Whether he's belting out a harmony or shredding a guitar solo, Jack's passion for country music is as deep as the roots of the old oak tree that still stands sentinel over his family's land.

Wyatt "Wildcat" Thompson - Harmony Singer and Bassist
Bio: Wyatt Thompson may have been born in the city, but his heart belongs to the country. Growing up in Huntington WV just on the outskirts of the Country Music Highway, Wyatt felt a pull toward the simpler way of life that he found in the rolling hills of eastern Kentucky. Drawn to the deep, resonant tones of the bass, Wyatt taught himself to play at a young age. With a voice as smooth as Kentucky bourbon, Wyatt adds depth and soul to the band's harmonies, his steady rhythm grounding their sound like the sturdy oak trees that line the highway.

Together, Lori, Savannah, Jack, and Wyatt form the heart and soul of 23 Rain, a band whose music echoes the timeless beauty and rich heritage of the Country Music Highway. Through every note they play and every song they sing, they pay homage to the land that shaped them and the music that binds them together.

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